Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Working Papers

  • Is There a Bright Side to Nepotism? Family CEOs, Turnover, and Firm Performance, with Andres Hincapie, and Noah Lyman. (2022).

  • Why Are There So Few Black Entrepreneurs?, with Andres Hincapie, Prasanthi Ramakrishnan, and Siddhartha Sanghi. (2022).

  • How Small is the Small Firm Effect in Entrepreneurial Dynamics?, with Andres Hincapie and Mostafa Salari. (2022).

  • Gender and Mentorship in Entrepreneurship, with Chuan Chen and Prasanthi Ramakrishnan. (2021).

  • Complementarity in Innovation Strategy? Evidence from U.S. High Tech Startups, with Tanapon Janpen. (2015).

  • Who are Angel Investors?, with Yoosef Ghahreman. (2015).

  • Exploration & Self-Selection: Revisiting Roy, with Stephanie Heger. (submitted, 2022).

  • Learning and the Inefficient Exit of Entrepreneurs, with Tanapon Janpen and Juan Pantano. (2013).

Health Economics


  • Modeling to Inform Economy-Wide Pandemic Policy: Bringing Epidemiologists and Economists Together, with Michael Darden, David Dowdy, Lauren Gardner, Karen Kopecky, Melissa Marx, Nicholas Papageorge, Daniel Polsky, Kimberly Powers, Elizabeth Stuart, and Matthew Zahn. Health Economics (forthcoming).

  • Health, Human Capital and Domestic Violence, with Nicholas Papageorge, Gwyn Pauley, Mardge Cohen, Tracey Wilson, and Robert Pollak. Journal of Human Resources, 56 (2021) 997-1030.

  • Health Care Access, Costs, and Treatment Dynamics: Evidence from in Vitro Fertilization, with Emily Jungheim, Brian McManus, and Juan Pantano. American Economic Review, 108(12) (2018) 3725-3777.

  • in Vitro Fertilization Coverage and Chances of a Live Birth, with Emily Jungheim, Mallory Leung, George Macones, Randall Odem, and Lisa Pollack. Journal of the American Medical Association, 317 (2017) 1273-1275.

  • Health, Risky Behavior and the Value of Medical Innovation for Infectious Disease, with Tat Chan and Nicholas Papageorge. Review of Economic Studies, 83 (2016) 1465-1510.

  • Competition, Insurance, and Quality in the Market for Advanced Infertility Treatment, with Brian McManus. Health Economics, 21 (2012) 994-1016.

  • The Gender Gap in NIH Grant Applications, with Timothy Ley. Science, 322 (2008) 1472-1474.

  • Employee Choice of Flexible Spending Account Participation and Health Plan, with James Marton. Health Economics, 17 (2008) 793-813.

  • Learning, Private Information and the Economic Evaluation of Randomized Experiments, with Tat Chan. Journal of Political Economy, 114 (2006) 997-1040 (lead article).

  • New Information Technology Systems and a Bayesian Hierarchical Bivariate Probit Model for Profiling Surgeon Quality at a Large Hospital, with Bruce Hall. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 44 (2004) 410-429.

  • Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions: Does Market Consolidation Harm Patients?, with Vivian Ho. Journal of Health Economics, 19 (2000) 767-791.

  • Queuing for Surgery: Is the U.S. or Canada Worse Off?, with Vivian Ho and Dana Goldman. Review of Economics and Statistics, 82(2) (2000) 297-308.

  • The Impact of the NHS Reforms on Queues and Surgical Outcomes in England: Evidence from Hip Fracture Patients, with Robert Edward Bramley-Harker. The Economic Journal, 109 (1999) 437-462.

  • Alcohol and Earnings: Does Drinking Yield a Wage Premium?, with Vivian Hamilton. Canadian Journal of Economics, 30 (1997) 135-151.

  • What Are the Costs of Queuing for Hip Fracture Surgery in Canada?, with Vivian Hamilton and Nancy Mayo. Journal of Health Economics, 15 (1996) 161-185.

Working Papers

  • Innovation and Health Disparities During an Epidemic: The Case of HIV, with Andres Hincapie, Emma Kalish, and Nicholas Papageorge. NBER Working Paper 28864 (2021).

Personnel Economics & Strategic Management


Working Papers

  • Aversion to Student Debt? Evidence from Low-Wage Workers, with Radha Gopalan, Jorge Sabat, and David Sovitch. (Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Finance, 2021).

  • Who Protests, What do They Protest, and Why?, with Erica Chenowith, Hedwig Lee, Nicholas Papageorge, Stephen Roll, and Matthew Zahn. NBER Working Paper 29987 (2022). 

  • Using Expectations Data to Infer Managerial Preferences, with Tat Chan. (2013).



Healthcare Analytics & Public Health